February 8th, 2011
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girlI placed my daughter for adoption through LDS Family Services Adoption Agency in 2007. My experience there was perfect for me and my situation. I was raised LDS and have a family that is very actively involved in the church. I had heard of LDS Family Services a few times, but really had no idea about everything that they did there. Initially after telling my parents that I was pregnant, they told me they would make an appointment for me at LDS Family Services. I was scared, but knew that I needed help. My father also told me about their website,, and I looked at adoptive parent profiles before I even met with a caseworker. When I finally went to my appointment, I… [more]

South Africa

June 29th, 2010
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_sa_flag_3With the World Cup being in South Africa this year we have talked a lot about two things in my house recently- soccer and my husband's mission. When my husband was 19 years old he was asked to serve a two year in Cape Town, South Africa. While there he lived all over the western part of the country as well as in southern Namibia. When we were engaged and talking about our future family we started talking about the option of adoption. Like I have stated a few times, we were both open to the idea from the start. But one time Jesse said, "I think it would be wonderful if we could adopt from South Africa. I may not look, or… [more]

The C Family

June 28th, 2010
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hand-holding_1There is a family that lives two houses down from us who are like the majority of families in this area. The mom and dad are happily married and have been since college. They have 5 children; 3 girls and 2 boys. The older children play the piano, are involved in sports, and sit quietly during church. The younger two are busy but adorable. The children are sweet and honest about everything, including their birth stories. The Sunday before Christmas we had a lesson on the birth of Jesus. The teacher asked the children where they were born and GC (the older son) raised his hand and said, "I was born in Russia." Then he proceeded to explain, "I was born in Russia… [more]

Confusion Galore!

June 26th, 2010
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confusionI want to adopt and know that we should. Before I got married I told my then fiance that during our life we needed to adopt a baby. When we discovered that we had some infertility problems we thought that was God's way of telling us it was time to adopt. When I went to the doctor for a physical I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. Apparently God was telling me that this wasn't the time to adopt. Now I'm at a point where I'm getting the itch. (The one that screams, "I WANT A BABY NOW!") My son will be 1 very soon and most people would think I'm insane for wanting another so soon, but that's just how… [more]

Liking Us for Us

June 12th, 2010
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preRussia There is one thing about LDS Family Services that can either be viewed as a pro or as a con. They let the birth parents pick out the adoptive couple and really have no say, or input, as to which couple should be chosen for a baby. I think this is a wonderful thing. I would want to have a say in who gets to raise my child if I wasn't going to raise them myself. I would want the person placing a child with us to like us and feel that we are going to be great parents. Then my good old friend doubt settles in. I'd like to think I'm a happy person but I have my days when I don't… [more]

Making the Call

June 10th, 2010
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1241104_old_phone_2We're at that point when we need to make the call to an adoption agency to get the ball rolling. So last week I called the local LDS Family Services and asked the man 1,800,000 or so questions. I was looking forward to that phone call for almost a month and I naively thought I was going to hang up the phone and be full of joy and excitement. Don't get me wrong, we still are planning on adopting but now we're nervous about it. My husband's employment at this time isn't the best which makes affording adoption difficult. The man told me about adoption loans but I really hate having debt. My husband and I have worked really hard to keep from… [more]

Our “Magic Number”

May 26th, 2010
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DSC01598In my last post I talked about how every family seems to have that certain number of children that they feel would make their family complete. We feel that four is our "magic number" and we hope to get started on working toward number 3 really soon. When I sat down with my husband and started talking about various adoption issues (which agency to use, whether to look into international, etc.) he randomly said, "We should adopt twins." This peaked my curiosity so I inquired further. You must understand that my husband loves to tease me about things that I find serious before we can have an actual conversation about the topic. Knowing this I expected a fairly sarcastic answer and what I… [more]

Please Don’t Speak

May 23rd, 2010
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IM000404We all have those days when we just do not want to hear it! I know you have your opinion but please just keep it to yourself. I get like that a lot when I'm around my mother. She is the type of person who will tell anyone exactly how it is in the bluntest way possible. I don't think she's insensitive (all of the time at least), I think she just feels that as a mother/woman in her 50s/educated person she just knows more and feels she should share her knowledge. While visiting her somehow the topic of having more children came up. Before I could even explain, or say boo, she immediately started in on her opinions. She informed me that… [more]

Multiple Mother Figures

May 15th, 2010
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BandMinMSI've spent the last week at home with my parents for Mothers' Day. My mom had the week off of work so we've been able to spend a lot of time together and talk about my childhood and my children. I told her that the doctor thinks the possibility of birthing more children would be a great health risk for me and she reacted like any mother would. She immediately told me that I have enough children and if I want any more than I must adopt. (I'll save that for another post.) One thing my mother brought up made me reconsider my views on open adoption. We talked about my aunt who was unable to have children of her own, due to… [more]

Beautiful poetry

May 9th, 2010
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1243008_nativity_sceneI found this poem/song on a friend's blog the other day. I'm not sure who wrote it (I'll have to ask her) but I find it absolutely beautiful. With today being Mothers' Day, I feel it would be a great time to share it. This poem does a wonderful way of summing up how I feel most days about adoption. I hope you enjoy it as well.

She was only seventeen and she knew she couldn't keep him But at that very moment she wished that she could try He was sleeping in her arms with his hand around her finger When a woman came and told her it was time to say goodbye So she wrapped him in a blanket as her tears fell on… [more]